Why MMA Will Continue to Grow in Popularity

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding whether or not the sport of MMA is a sustainable one. Over the last year or so, the UFC has had varying degrees of success in trying to build out their brand and many have suggested it’s because the sport of Mixed Martial Arts has already peaked. Here’s why that isn’t true.
It’s a Superior Form of Fighting
Across the world, four forms of martial arts dominate, aside from MMA. There is boxing, Muay Thai/kick boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling (judo may also deserve a spot).
While there are many reasons to like any one of these sports, part of it comes down to the idea that the people who practice them are the best fighters—essentially, they’re the last people you’d want to mess with.
That being said, each has their weak point. A wrestler can’t throw or take a punch, stand up fighters can’t fight from the ground, etc.
MMA basically answers the age old question of “who would win if…” It involves all forms of fighting, meaning only those who would stand the best chance of winning “in real life” will come ahead in the cage or ring.
It’s the Universal Language
Everyone speaks MMA. Yes, there are judge’s scorecards to worry about, but in the end, it’s two people beating each other up. That’s a primal expression everyone is born with and the vast majority of people will watch and appreciate.
There’s Still Plenty of Time
MMA is still a young sport in many ways. There are still countless countries for it to expand into. This is the first time in a long time we’ve ever witnessed a sport being born—be patient.
Mixed Martial Arts is not only not going away, it will only get bigger in years to come as the sport finds a home all over the world.